FAQs for Los Cabos Visitors

Please review our Los Cabos Visitors Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) for any questions that you may have. If you cannot find your Answers here, please ask your Questions via the form on our Contact page.

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Is it safe in Los Cabos?

Los Cabos is no different than any other area in the world, as long as you use your common sense. In Cabo San Lucas and in San Jose it is absolutely safe in the downtown and outlying areas until after midnight. After dark, it is a good idea to stay together in a group when walking – taxis are always available.

What should I bring?

Bring what you’d normally bring on a sunny tropical vacation. Always bring your own beach towel. In the winter months the temperature can drop to 60 degrees F. in the evening so be sure to bring a sweater or light jacket and long pants.

Do I need to bring pesos?

There are many ATM machines in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, but watch out for Friday nights and weekends because the machines run out of cash often before Monday morning. They now have an ATM machine at the new Alaska Airline terminal at the airport. Get pesos from the ATM as soon as you can. You get the best rate from your own bank and there is no commission to pay for using a debit card or your credit card. You can pay by credit card at most restaurants, debit cards – not so much …

For added security, you could bring some travellers checks in US dollars and always have some cash for Taxi/Shuttle and tips. Just remember not to carry too much cash.

Is the tap water safe to drink?

It is recommended that you drink bottled water. The water in Los Cabos is quite sanitary but there is the odd time when there has been construction and the water lines break possibly contaminating the water. Why take chances and ruin your holidays.

We would like to rent a vehicle while in Los Cabos. Should we rent one when we get there or rent one on line prior to arrival?

You would be well advised to rent a vehicle on line with any of the major car rental corporate web sites prior to arrival in Cabo. Make sure that you bring your rental agreement with you to present at the rental desk in Cabo. See www.rentalcars.com and search location – Los Cabos.

We have heard that dining out in Cabo can be very expensive. Are there less expensive places to eat?

Yes, dining out in Cabo can be expensive, there are many world class restaurants for your choosing. However, there are many more mid-to-lower priced dining options as well. For the adventuresome, the sections of town away from the tourist zone have less expensive, yet excellent places to eat as well.