Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are put in place to ensure the protection of your satisfaction and enjoyment and that the rights and responsibilities of all involved parties are understood, agreed to and enforced. You will be required to either present a signed copy of this document or sign this document upon arrival at the vacation property.



The reservation of a condo/villa (the “Property”), requires a contract (these “Terms and Conditions”) between the purchaser (the “Guest”), and the reservation company (“Cabo Reservations”). It is the final responsibility of the Guest to fully read and understand these Terms and Conditions as they apply. These Terms and Conditions are in effect when Cabo Reservations receives any rental payment from the Guest or the Guest’s assigned Travel Agent.

Cabo Reservations acts as an on line reservations agent and provides Internet marketing services for privately owned vacation rental properties within the Los Cabos Municipality and the surrounding area in the State of Baja California Sur in Mexico. We take our Guest’s satisfaction seriously and continuously monitor the vacation properties offered here for quality assurance. However, the accommodation rental services arranged for you are subject to the quality of performance by our property owners (the “Owner”), and/or their property management representatives (the “Property Manager”), and we cannot be held responsible and/or liable for any acts of omission or negligence that are beyond our control.


Force Majeure

We shall not be liable for any claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses, delays or loss of enjoyment, of any nature or kind whatsoever, to you or your travelling companions or group members resulting from events beyond Cabo Reservations, the Owner’s or the Property Manager’s reasonable control – including, but not limited to, acts of God, strikes, lockouts, or other labour disputes or disruptions, wars, blockades, insurrections, riots, travel issues, weather conditions, illness, injury, earthquakes, floods, or acts or restraints imposed by government authorities or any omission or negligence of anyone, other than ourselves or our employees, acting improperly on our behalf.



All prices are quoted in American Dollars and are based on per night/ per unit based on maximum occupancy. There may be a nominal fee charged for extra persons over maximum occupancy. All amounts quoted DO NOT INCLUDE applicable taxes, currently amounting to 19% (16% Mexican Sales Tax (I.V.A.) and 3% Occupancy Tax). These taxes are in effect at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice. Cabo Reservations guarantees however, that once your deposit payment has been received, you are guaranteed against future price increases provided there are no changes to your original reservation.


Check In

In order to release keys/codes to your rental property, the Guest must, upon arrival, read and agree (by initialing each page) to this reservation contract “Terms and Conditions” and meet the following conditions:

i) The full balance of the Reservation amount has been paid;
ii) Provide the renter’s valid Credit Card for pre-authorizing the amount for the selected rental property’s required security and damage deposit

• Check-in time is between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Check-In outside of these hours must be by prior arrangement.
• In the event physical keys are provided, lost keys will result in a charge of $25 per set being charged to the Credit Card on file.
• Upon Check-in, the registered Guest may be required to produce photo ID.


Check Out

• Check-out time is 11:00am.
• Unless otherwise arranged with the property representative, a late check out fee of $25 per hour will be charged to the Credit Card on file at the discretion of the property representative for an extension of up to 3 hours, after which a full days charge will apply.

The Guest is responsible for the following, where applicable, upon check-out:

• Dishes will be loaded into dishwasher, and non-dishwasher safe dishes will be washed and left in the sink to dry;
• Refrigerator will be emptied and contents disposed of properly;
• Barbecue will be cleaned, and covered with the gas turned off;
• Air Conditioner set to 75F./25C., all lights and appliances turned off;
• All garbage disposed of and all recycling and empties neatly organized;
• All windows and doors closed and locked;
• Unit keys returned to on site office;

A minimum charge of $100 may be applied and deducted from Damage/Security Deposit if the above tasks have not been reasonably performed.


The Property Manager’s or Owner’s Responsibilities

If, at the time the Guest is to begin occupancy of the Property, the Property Manager or Owner cannot provide the Property in a fit and habitable condition or be able to substitute a reasonably comparable property, the Property Manager or Owner shall refund to the Guest all payments made towards the Reservation. Every reasonable effort will be made to locate alternative lodging to the satisfaction of the Guest.


Payment by Credit Card or PayPal

Your authorization of the use of your credit card to make reservations with Cabo Reservations binds you to these Terms and Conditions even without your signature on the applicable credit card draft. Your use of this reservation system to make a reservation implies that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and authorize Cabo Reservations to process all requested reservation fees against your credit card account. Charges will be made immediately against your credit card account with your on line reservation.


Security or Damage Deposit

The Guest paying for the rental of the Property is financially responsible for any cost of repairs of said Property arising from any willful damage beyond normal wear and tear including, but not limited to, carpet/floor stains, interior wall damage, appliance repairs arising from improper use, window and window covering damage, permanent linen stains, dry cleaning costs associated with stains, breakage, theft, any other damage noted on departure. Security/Damage deposit shall be a minimum of $500 or the equivalent of one nights rental of the selected property. Unrelated groups under 25 years of age will be required to pay an additional damage/security deposit. Security deposit may be applied to actual damages caused by the Guest and other occupants or visitors associated with the Guest. A 15% administrative fee will be applied to all damages. The Property Manager shall itemize any damages and associated charges for or refund the Damage/Security Deposit within 15 days of departure. In the event of damage or missing items, the Guest authorizes Cabo Reservations, or the Property Manager, to recover all damages and associated fees using the Guest’s Credit Card account on record.


Deposit and Payment

If you are making the reservation more than 60 days prior to your Arrival Date, you will be asked to pay a required deposit equalling the cost of one night stay at your chosen property. Once you have done this, beginning 60 days prior to arrival, you will receive daily reminder emails to pay the balance due. You have 14 days to pay the balance or your booking will be deemed abandoned. If you are making the reservation within 60 days to your Arrival Date, you are required to pay the full amount due for the reservation. In all cases, all payments towards your reservation are non-refundable – we recommend that you purchase travel and medical insurance to cover any possible disruption of your travel plans. For travel insurance quotes in the United States, see SquareMouth.com; in Canada, get a quote from Kanetix.ca. Security or Damage Deposit is required upon arrival in the form of a signed valid credit card impression.



All payments towards your reservation are non-refundable – we recommend that you purchase travel and medical insurance to cover any possible disruption of your travel plans. For travel insurance quotes in the United States, see SquareMouth.com; in Canada, get a quote from Kanetix.ca.


Changes to a Reservation

All requested changes and charges are at the discretion of Cabo Reservations, but if you wish to make a change to your reservation, we will do our best to satisfy your requirements subject to the conditions of the Owner or assigned Property Manager.


Refunds and Unused Services

Once a Property rental has begun, there will be no refunds made for any unused rental services to be exchanged for alternate arrangements. Property reservations are non-transferable and valid only for the rental of the property and the services requested on the dates selected. In all cases, payments made to reservations are non-refundable for any reason including sickness or other emergencies. Cabo Reservations reserves the right to cancel any condo/villa rental prior to arrival for any reason. Should this happen, refunds will be made without obligation. Cabo Reservations cannot assume responsibility for passengers missing travel connections that have been independently arranged. No refunds will be made to passengers denied entry into a foreign country, or denied boarding of any aircraft, or denial of entry to a condo/villa as a result of substance abuse or abusive behavior. We reserve the right, upon reasonable grounds, to refuse any renter any part of the condo/villa rental.


Eviction and Forfeiture of Rental and/or Security Deposit Payment

Guests may be evicted if the Guest, their companions or visitors:

• Commits a material breach of any provision of these Term and Conditions
• Has obtained possession of the Property by fraud or misrepresentation

In the event of eviction, this will result in forfeiture of rent or deposits which may have been previously paid and potential trespassing charges.


Dog and Pet Policy

We welcome well-trained and behaved dogs to stay with their owners only in designated “Pet Friendly” suites and there will be an additional charge of $10 per day for the pet. Pets must be well behaved and are not to be left alone in the property for extended periods of time. If evidence is found that a pet has been present without prior consent of management or a permitted pet has damaged the furnishings or the rental property during the stay, minimum charge of $250 may be applied to the Guest’s credit card for all cleaning costs or repair and/or deodorizing of such damage.


No Smoking

All suites, including balconies and common areas are non-smoking (unless otherwise advertised). Any violation of the non-smoking policy will result in the loss of the guest security/damage deposit and the possibility of extra cleaning charges. A minimum charge of $500 will be applied to the Guest’s credit card in the event smoking evidence or odour is found in the rental property.


Quiet Time

Quiet time is between 11 pm and 7 am. Please respect your neighbours. If it becomes necessary for security personnel or the Property Manager to contact you regarding your failure to adhere to the quiet time guidelines, we reserve the right to have you vacate your accommodations without compensation.


Flight Times and Schedules

It is the responsibility of Guests to confirm their flight at least 24 hrs prior to departure to their destination. Cabo Reservations is not the transportation supplier and cannot be held responsible for any transportation schedule changes or missed flights.



All our accommodations are intended to be at the Properties offered, however Cabo Reservations reserves the right to change them at its sole discretion for any others of similar or greater value. The Guest must also abide by the posted rules and regulations of the Property they are residing in.



It is the Guest’s responsibility for their own goods while travelling. Carriage of bicycles, golf clubs, diving/windsurfing equipment and similar items are subject to the terms, conditions and tariffs of the airline and ground transportation. Cabo Reservations will not accept liability for lost, stolen, damaged, or mishandled baggage and/or personal items .


Standards and Expectations

All renters should be aware that different standards and customs, than accustomed to in Canada or USA, may be encountered when visiting Mexico and cannot hold Cabo Reservations responsible for expectation disappointment.

While much progress has been made over the last 20 years, in many ways, Mexico is still a third world country. Essential services (water, electricity, etc.), for the most part, are not an issue but there can be problems due to storms, drought, mechanical failure, etc. from time to time. Baja California Sur is not only Mexico’s driest state, but the country’s second fastest growing state by population. Delivery of municipal water supplies to different areas of major municipalities is done on a rotational basis with an unknown schedule. Almost all properties have bulk water storage (pilas) with enough capacity for several days of normal usage. However, situations arise that delivery of municipal water is curtailed for extended periods. During these periods, you may encounter water rationing – water may be turned off during certain posted times. When these water issues become extreme, the local staff or property manager will arrange to have water delivered by truck to the property’s pila.



Please do your part to conserve valuable resources when you are in Los Cabos, just as you would when at home. Avoid using excessive electricity or wasting water.

You will find that most air conditioning units are set to a comfortable level, please respect the settings that you find.

Remember that Los Cabos is really a desert – water is scare and expensive. Keep your showers short, reuse towels when possible (reduces laundry water usage) and try to get extended usage of your linens for the same reason.


Travel Documentation and Immunization

It is the final responsibility of the Guest to have all documentation and immunization required for travelling to Mexico. Proof of Citizenship and valid passport is necessary for everyone departing from or entering Canada or the USA and a valid passport for entry to Mexico. Children, under the age of majority and travelling with a single parent, must have consenting documentation from the other parent.


Indemnification and Hold Harmless : Right of Entry : Assignment

The Guest accepts all responsibility and risk; and holds Cabo Reservations, the Owner and/or the Property Manager harmless in relation to any injuries to themselves or their guests in an around the Property.

The Guest agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Cabo Reservations, the Property Manager and the Owner from and against any liability for personal injury or property damage sustained by any person (including all members of the Guest’s party) as a result of any cause, unless caused by an unlawful or fraudulent act of the Property Manager or the Owner. The Guest agrees that the Property Manager and/or the Owner may enter the Property during reasonable hours to clean, inspect the Property, to make required repairs, improvements or alternatives thereto, as the Property Manager may deem appropriate. The Guest shall not assign this Reservation or sublet the Property in whole or part without written permission of the Property Manager or Owner. The Guest accepts that this agreement does not in any way constitute a residential tenancy agreement.

I,  __________________________________, accept that charges for incidentals or damages may be directly deducted from the Damage/Security Deposit against the credit card provided. In the event of any damage or missing items, the I also authorize Cabo Reservations to recover all damages and associated fees against the credit card on file.

I have read, understand and accept these “Terms and Conditions” and I authorize Cabo Reservations and/or the Property Manager to charge to my credit card as per the terms of this contract.


Guest Signature Required Upon Arrival!