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Thank you for considering using our property management and marketing/distribution/reservation services. For more information regarding our Home Owner Services, see Please review the notes below.

Property Descriptions

Please provide all the details that you can about your property. When it comes to your property description, even if you provide this in point form, this goes a long way to helping us write awesome descriptions for marketing your property.

Property Amenities

Please include as much information as possible – # of beds, #of baths, square footage, hot tub, pool, kitchen details, A/C, BBQ, Cable or Satellite TV, Internet – wired/wireless, concierge services, etc. These are your property’s selling points!

Nightly Rates

These are your publicly advertised rates – what your guests pay. When an Agent books your property, commission is deducted. Please remember that your advertised rate needs to be competitive.

You can have different rate sets based on different seasons, for example:

Low Season – June 1 to September 31 – $$$
High Season – October 1 to December 15 – $$$
Christmas Season – December 16 to January 5 – $$$
High Season – January 6 to May 31 – $$$

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Due to ISP email restrictions, you cannot attach more than 10MB to this form. For high resolution images, we have other options for how to send those files to us. We will be in touch!

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