FAQs for Guests

Please review our Visitors and Guests Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) for any questions that you may have. If you cannot find your Answers here, please ask your Questions via the form on our Contact page

Thank you!

Will my information be secure using this web site?

Absolutely. Since we use PayPal, the world’s largest on line payment processor, all financial transactions are completed¬† via an encrypted web page and security is guaranteed by PayPal. Your contact information, which would include your phone number and email address will not be given to any third parties, it will only be used to communicate information to you relating to your reservation. For more information, please review our Privacy Statement.

I do not have a PayPal account, can I pay with my credit card?

You do not need a PayPal account to make payments or receive refunds via PayPal. When you get to the PayPal payment page, look for and select “Pay by Credit Card or Visa Debit”. When you make payments using your credit card via PayPal, refunds are returned to your credit card account.

What documentation do I need to enter Mexico?

Americans and Canadians need, at a minimum, a valid passport and, if you are renting a vehicle, a valid drivers license. Everyone must fill out a Mexican Tourist Visa upon entry to Mexico and return it to the airline desk at the airport when you leave. Don’t lose your Visa it will take you longer to leave the country . If you have lost your Visa then contact your airline and they will instruct where to go to get another filled out and stamped. Children under the age of 16, not travelling with both parents, need a letter of consent to travel from the parent(s).

How do I get to and from the airport in San Jose del Cabo?

There are many personal and group transportation options available from the airport and in and around the entire Los Cabos area. These options are described in detail on the Transportation in Los Cabos page.

If I rent a private condo how do I get the keys?

Each condo or villa has a property manager and they will meet you in the hotel lobby or at the villa usually one hour after your arrival time at the airport.

What are the check in/out times?

Each unit has a different check in and out times. The check in and out times will be stated on your confirmation sent to via email or fax. ALWAYS bring your confirmation letter with you for reference and contact persons and phone numbers in case of a delayed flight arrival.

Our inbound flight will be arriving late in the day after 6 PM. Will there be someone to meet us at the property?

It is important that you let us know that your flight will be arriving late or is delayed so that we can make arrangements for someone to meet you at the property. We would normally expect your arrival at the property approximately an hour after your flight arrives, depending on the distance the property is from the airport in San Jose del Cabo.

If you know that your booked flight will arrive after 6 PM, please contact our Reservations Desk to make arrangements to meet you or, if your flight is delayed, please contact our Guest Services in Cabo. See our “Contact Page” for email and phone options.